Swedish Industry meets tech from Silicon Valley

We believe that collaboration leads to more innovation and better solutions. In 2019 a collaboration between Automation RegionNordic Innovation House – Silicon Valley and the strategic innovation program PiiA (process industrial IT and automation) started to connect companies in Sweden and Silicon Valley. Several digital workshops, discussions and meetings have taken place to form new relations and business over the Atlantic.

The goal of the project is to create a more sustainable circular Swedish industry by accelerating the digitization process to create opportunities for collaborations and strategic partnerships with leading technology companies in the Nordic region and in Silicon Valley. International cooperation and knowledge exchange in various areas, such as new business models, are an important part of the development towards a circular economy; another is a higher level of knowledge about how data can create circular flows and how cutting-edge technology can accelerate the development towards a digital circular transformation. The project intends to develop a working method and infrastructure for this, based on the fact that Sweden, in collaboration with the Nordic neighboring countries, has already established cooperation with innovation environments with relevant networks in Silicon Valley. The project aims to identify and validate success factors and components needed to take advantage of and develop strategic initiatives in collaboration with other geographical areas, where discussions are ongoing with Canada and Germany, among others. In the longer term, this is expected to contribute to establishing an attractive innovation environment for IndTech and electrification that positions Sweden as a leading nation in the area.