Gro Dyrnes

Chief Commercial Officer, Ivaldi

”I just wanted to keep you in the loop with regards to a very fruitful meeting we had with one of the large players you introduced me to just before the holiday. Thank you for this great opportunity.“

Robert Falck

CEO and Co-Founder, Einride

“... We are just in the starting loop of the biggest transport revolutions since we went from horses to cars, and in that change every company need to change and adapt to the future. The only way to be successful and being a part of that future is to learn new things. Therefore, this type of projects, with connection to Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley, is such a door opener”

Malin Rosqvist

Project Manager Swedish IndTech Silicon Valley

“The collaboration with Vinnova on both sides of the Atlantic and with a number of companies and other organizations paves the way for new collaborations, both in terms of innovation and concrete business. Our goal is to further contribute to digitalisation and sustainability for the industry, and thus to the competitiveness of Swedish companies!”

Vi bygger ett starkt nätverk mellan företag från industrisektorn och teknikleverantörer och utvecklare. Våra aktiviteter är öppna för ditt deltagande. Aktiviteterna vi arrangerar är konferenser, workshops och matchmaking-evenemang.
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